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tv   Action News 5a  NBC  June 24, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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same-sex couples coming up next. after 60-plus days without rain, it's returned for the first monday of summertime. wheel let you know when the heaviest rain is expected to come through and how we'll be doing with this wet weather. watching the road conditions change affecting your morning commute. i got reports of a cash heading into fremont as well. live outside to give you a live look at the bay bridge. it looks rather busy on this monday morning, it's 5:00, monday, june 24th, this is "today in the bay." it is 5:00 on the nose. feeling the magic on day one of the workweek. >> impossible not to. >> i love that energy. thank you for joining us, i'm jon kelley >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. christina, you said no rain in 60 days?
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>> not since mid april have we had showers in the bay area. good monday morning to you. this will wake you up. as we head throughout the day, a lot of this moisture which hasn't yet come through the south bay is going to be with us. we'll see one wave of moisture pour the first part of the day, a break in the second half and a heavier round as we get through tonight and tomorrow. dealing with two, maybe three consecutive days of rainfall right here in the bay area. let's zoom in and kind of show you what we're working with this morning. you can see right now expect slick conditions. mike and i will be tracking this on 101 south into san francisco and into san mateo you'll find the showers. we take you to the south bay, san jose nice and dry for the time being. this is coming your way as we get into rush hour. 5:01. let's see how your drive is already shaping up. >> good morning. one of the areas where the radar was not showing, the rain through fremont. we had a crash reported. it was 680 heading south.
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it got cleared. sounds like a car thought it clipped a deer going across the roadway. a look to san rafael and the traffic southbound. the commute direction is the taillights. look at the map for that same area. we see the green map painted on over the freeway, highway 101 toward 580. that's the area where we're registering wet roadways. back to you guys. thank you, mike. 5:02. this morning the nation is waiting for two key rulings from the supreme court on same-sex marriage. the court still has to hand down rulings on prop 8 and defense of marriage act before closing its current session. it's unknown what the justices will decide, but we do know one thing. they have to make their rulings this week. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd is live in washington, d.c. this morning for us. good morning to you. what's the timeline today? >> reporter: well, the wait continues here in washington, d.c., marla. when i arrived here about an hour ago, literally there were
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pabt 100 people lichbed up behind me, some of them sleeping, most of them students. in fact, they're still lined up here on the steps of the supreme court waiting to get in. at about 7:00 your time justices will start clicking through some of the issues. 11 more rulings are expected from the supreme court before the justices take a break. but all eyes are on proposition 8, the california ban on same-sex marriage and doma, the federal law barring benefits for gay couples. it has been a waiting game, especially in the bay area where gay marriage has been on a roller coaster ride. hundreds of couples got married from june to november in 2008 in san francisco. that's when voters approved the ban on same-sex marriage. kate kental is the executive director and has been watching the gay marriage issue closely. >> i don't think it will be everything we want from the rulings. i think they'll both be
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relatively narrow rulings, but for us in california, couples will be marrying again. >> so i'm sure everybody remembers in 2008 california voters voted in favor of the ban on gay marriage by 52%. some believe opinions on the issue have changed since then. others believe that those who didn't agree with it had just been keeping silent. we are live here. we'll bring you an update coming up in about a half hour. reporting live in washington, d.c., i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you so much. prop 8 isn't the only monumental case the supreme court has yet to rule on, it's also set to release its ruling on the defense of marriage act as well as affirmative action in higher education and the voting rights act of 1965 which requires some states, especially in the south, to get federal permission before changing voting laws. 5:04 now. san jose police are looking for a group of suspected gang
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members who attacked and robbed a couple. it happened during the first weekend of the major police crackdown on gang violence. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in police headquarters in san jose with details for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. san jose police say this couple was just minding their own business walking down the street when they were confronted by a group of suspected gang members. the man tried to help the woman. he ended up being attacked. both the man and woman ended up being taken to the hospital. as you said, this came the very same weekend when san jose police rolled out their new gang suppression program. the couple was on lido street yesterday afternoon in broad daylight and an argument started with these suspected gang members. police say they took the woman's purse and when the man tried to help her, they attacked him and he suffered a head injury in all this. the attackers took off running. this weekend san jose police started rolling out a three-phase plan for increased patrols in june and july and then a gang suppression unit
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that will start in august. >> i think any time you increase or improve visibility, you're going to always see some deter rens to crime. i think how that's realized is still yet to be seen. >> now, we also spoke with a youth anti-gang coordinator who says the suppression efforts have worked in the past, but sometimes they push gangs under ground, but it is temporary and kids are still being recruited. a police and community effort is what's needed, he believes. this weekend 40 additional officers were out in hot spots. next month that jumps to 64. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. it is 5:06 right now. a lot going on this weekend with the super moon, warm temperatures. christina loren, you're also telling us about some rain out there. >> yeah. you know, very unusual. too bad we can't see that super moon out there this morning because it was fabulous on saturday night.
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it's still out there. it's just completely covered by clouds this morning. i want to show you what's happening. you can see we've got a very significant dip in the jet stream and you can also see showers mostly impacting the northern most portion of the state. for us let me zoom in and show you your realtime doppler radar, what we're working with this morning, what could slow you down. we'll stop the clock for you right now. this is where you'll see the most moisture come through. we see a mostly dry afternoon and another stronger wave as we head through tonight into tomorrow. from santa rosa down south into san mateo, you'll find slick conditions. you want to find extra time. we haven't had any significant rainfall since mid april. your highways will be nice and slick. all the oil that's been accumulating could be a very dangerous situation for commuters this morning. >> absolutely right. it floats to the top as even just a little water hits the roadway. that's what we're seeing in many spots around the bay and also from overnight. here we look at the bay bridge.
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you see the twinkle of the lights. there is moisture in the air causing that twinkle to happen. not a problem as far as the flow of traffic. typical volume on a monday. nothing big as far as the speeds through the area. the yellow down to 60 miles per hour. in orinda you see green peeking out, that means water on the roadways. >> mike, thanks for the heads up. 5:08. breaking news to tell you about. sunnyvale firefighters on scene of a fire at a mobile home park. flames erupting a few hours ago at a home on east el camino real road, not too far from the sunken gardens golf course there. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene right now. what's the latest? what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, jon. the fire is out. this trailer park village located near el camino, this is
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in sunnyvale where you see the crews are still here because they're doing a cleanup and i imagine starting some sort of investigation once the sun comes up. this is what greeted the firefighters around 3:00 this morning. that's when the call came in. you can see it was a trailer camper that was fully engulfed in the back side. you can see three firefighters towing a line in there. the chief tells us it took about 20 minutes to put this out. once the fire was out, there was an issue of whether or not -- i should say concern over whether or not someone was inside. the information was that one person lived there. but they had to wait for pg&e to come out and turn off the power. that happened about a half hour ago. they went in and confirmed no one was inside that trailer or camper when it went up in flames. one person, as i mentioned, dutz live there. they figured out that person is safe, staying elsewhere for tonight.
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still don't know what caused this fire. one-alarm fire at this trailer park, but the fire is out. no one was hurt. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good ending there. bob, thanks. 5:10 right now. a south bay jewelry store employee pays the price after she tries to stop a robbery. we have the details coming up next. we've been talking about it, the super moon. what makes this moon so special? we'll have that for you next. stocks look about as cloudy as a christina loren forecast. we'll take a look at wall street coming up.
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welcome back. it's 5:12. if you want to report a broken or burned out street light on your road, there's an app for that. the san francisco public utilities commission has released street app.
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it allows you to report the issue, last year it took an average of five days for the commission to fix broken street lights. since the app was released, restoration time has dropped to just three days. here is an interesting store richlt google identified two wikileak activists it turned over their gmail accounts to the u.s. government. google disclosing that information to the activists themselves. >> who then showed the court orders to the rest of the world. google was allowed to notify the activists several months after the government started collecting data. then they published the orders which up until that point had been under seal. according to these orders first published by a blog, they wanted details on e-mails and access to files stored on google drive what you often hear referred to as the cloud. >> no secret laws.
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>> a man this weekend trying to shout down former speaker of the house nancy pelosi. he was objecting to the nsa spying program. californians up sed about the spying program attended a meeting with pelosi. she's gone on record as supporting it saying the obama administration's surveillance program not as bad as the program created during the bush era. looks like another lousy day ahead for the markets, bertha coombs live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, scott. literally a case of the mondays. futures pointing the a lower start of the dow, down about 140 points. coming off the worst week since mid april. investors concerned about the fed saying it is going to cut off its bond buying program starting at the end of the year and finish it about a year from now. we're going to get data this week on durable goods, housing and personal income. that will all weigh into the fed's timeline and decision.
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the dow managing to rebound on friday after two days of heavy losses, closing up 41 points to 14,799, the nasdaq slipping eight to 3,337. the lau looking like it will open down about 140 points. back to you. >> we'll continue to cover that throughout the day. thank you, bertha. emery fill's pixar winning at the box office. this is pixar's 14th move view. previous movie "brave" didn't do well, "cars 2" got a 39% of rotten tomatoes. you have to go all the way back to 2009, "up," one of the best picxar movies made, one of two animated movies nominated?
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>> i haven't seen it. >> it's worth seeing. >> it's on my bucket list. scott, thanks so much. 5:16. stargazers all over the world got a look at the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. this is what it looked like over jerusalem's old city. this is what it liked like over san francisco. it occurs when the moon passes closer to the earth than usual, making it appear 14% larger than normal. you may check it out tonight, no longer full, but still super. the next one won't come around again until next summer. >> beautiful stuff. we all can't be superheroes but we all can enjoy super moon. 5:16. christina loren is back. you warned us to be ready and get a good spot to watch it. >> check out our fate book page or check out my facebook page
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where i'm always posting weather updates for you. 5:16. let's take you outside. you can add me on twitter as well. we've got showers up in the north bay in particular. those showers are going to continue to stream onshore as we head through the morning hours. expecting the most moisture to come through this morning. we'll see a break for most of the day. you still want to keep that umbrella with you. right now you can see shower activity from santa rosa down south to san mateo at this point. travel cautiously out there and take it easy, especially over our open water bridges. you'll find a lot of fog developing as we head through the next couple hours as well. as we head throughout probably 7:00 to 9:00, that's when we're expecting the most moisture to come through the south bay. we'll stop the clock ot your future cast. background will be starting to push its way into the central valley. then we'll see a nice break for most of them today. the second wave comes through as we head through tonight. this is a stronger wave of moisture. we'll see maybe .75 inch come
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through just tonight and tomorrow morning up in the north bay. you can see yellow and orange embedded in the deep green. in the south bay not a lot of accumulation. maybe .25 inch as well. it's going to purify our air quality, keep the moisture in place. z we head through the end of the week, we're talking about fire weather performing. we'll be in the 70s for the next couple days and quickly climbing right ow into the 80s. 77 for livermore, 73 in fremont and 60 degrees in san francisco. here is the all important seven-day forecast. you can see the difference between today and where we're headed wednesday, close to 90 degrees wednesday inland. at 90 by friday. a hot, dry weekend ahead. i hate to say it, mike, i get those temperatures down. we could talk about triple digits. >> oh, man, trying to make us feel not so worried. it's nice of you christina. we'll ease into it as the weekend comes up. looking over here to the south bay. typically hitting a little later than we do in the normal school
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year. we see a smooth flow of traffic here in the middle. don't be alarmed. three spots where we have construction between 808 and the 280 interchange. no real issues as far as the southbound flow of traffic. down to about 60 miles per hour. the larger surface streets moving smoothly, moving close to the limit on the surface streets as well. looking over towards 680 where we had the closure off 237, things have cleared according to what we're seeing on the reports. more lanes available for 880, we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. meanwhile we'll show you the flow. chp gives a wind advisory, but there have been no problems. wind and dry roads for this area, slowing from 84 and approaching the dublin interchange. we'll look outside and see a live shot as well as we're looking toward the eastshore freeway. we'll end with this shot as the volume starts to build. a list mist in the air. not a problem so far for
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traffic. 5:19 right now. san jose police on the lookout for a jewelry thief who hit a woman with his car as he escaped. police say the man had been looking at rings at don roberto jewelry at east ridge malast night. when an employee asked to see his i.d. he grabbed one of the rings and took off. the employee chased him out into the parking lot. police say that suspect actually hit her with his car as he sped off. she was hit in the leg. the good news is she was not seriously hurt. firefighters in redwood city could soon have more work on their hands. the city council is said to approve a deal to allow redwood city to allow fire and emergency services to san carlos. the resolution would effectively absorb the san carlos fire department and could include hiring several of its firefighters. redwood city has been sharing fire services with san carlos since 2011. the state of california has not improved when it comes to the health, education and economic well-being of children.
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the annual kids count ranking california in the bottom 20%, 41st out of 50 states when measured according to 16 key indicators of well-being. the ranging is unchanged from last year, but the report showing california did make progress in education, ranked the same in family and community and declined in health and economic well-being. 5:21. you want to talk about high anxiety. >> ooh, my arms are tired. >> i'm sure they are. >> ooh, that's a long way down. >> that's crazy. the death defying stunt at the grand canyon and now a bay area company helped this tightroper make history. is he run? >> yeah. the guy's got killer balance.
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it is 5:23.
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authorities say windy weather in colorado is keeping firefighters from making progress on a massive wildfire in the southwest portion of that state. the west fork fire is actually a cluster of wildfires that have spread quickly over the past several days scorching an estimated 114 square miles. officials say dead trees from a beetle infestation and crowd conditions have created unprecedented conditions for the growth of wildfires. no injuries, though, have been reported and no homes have been lost. but officials say residents from evacuated towns may have to stay away for a long time. you and i have been talking about this one. world famous dare devil nik wallenda is safe and sound and feeling like a champion after pulling off his latest death defying stunt, crossing a massive george near the grand canyon. wallenda walking a tightrope across the little colorado river george on a steel cable a mere
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two inches thick. he was on that wire for just under 23 minutes. you want to get off that as fast as you can. quite a feet considering the amount of wind he had to deal with. >> it was a battle. the winds were strong. they were gusty. as i've always said, unpredictable. they were hitting me every which way. there was never a point where i thought, oh, my gosh, i'm going to fall. >> unbelievable to watch him do it. he got off, you can see, very happy to be back on the ground on the other side. he says the crossing was nothing short of a dream come true. get this, his next goal is to walk between the chrysler building and the empire state building in new york city. he's got to figure out a way to top himself. >> i want to know his workout schedule. >> a bay area company played an important role in that walk. hayward based davis instruments making a portable weather station used by wallenda and his
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crew. it measures wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and temperatures. wallenda used the same device during his niagara falls crossing last year. this guy needs a lot to get a charge or thrill out of what he's doing. >> love it. >> crazy. let's take a look at the forecast now. it was very hot saturday. we got rain last night. >> hey, good morning, marla and jon. good morning to you at home. it's monday, yeah. pretty shocking to see showers on the radar this morning. that's exactly what we're dealing with from santa rosa down south to san francisco. you want to bring your umbrella, be ready. we have major changes headed our way this week. we'll go from rain and cool to hot dry weather. i'll time it out coming up. first let's check the drive on a back-to-work monday. >> good morning. that radar christina showed you as well as this live look at the golden gate bridge, shows a lot of moisture in the air to be
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sure. not registering anymore on the road weather index. the map will show you as you come in from san francisco, a smooth drive. no green painted over. we'll see the highlighting from time to time as we used to. now looking drier here as well as the upper eastshore freeway. >> thank you, mike. 5:27. the supreme court just over an hour away from possibly ruling on california's ban on same-sex marriage. a live report from washington still ahead.
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>> reporter: the fire department still on the scene of a fire that destroyed a home overnight. we'll have the latest coming up. in san jose, a couple is attacked bay group of suspected gang members on the same weekend that san jose police roll out an anti-gang program. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. the first monday of summertime. radar lit up like a christmas tree this morning. we've got showers around.
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i'll let you know when the heaviest will come through and when you can give the umbrella a break. it's not going to be today or tomorrow. that's all coming up. i'm concerned about the wet roads. first rain in a long time, slick conditions. a new issue reported for the upper deck incline. watching the bay bridge extra carefully. also taking a look at the golden gate bridge out there. moist temperatures and some low hanging clouds, a little fog out there. be prepared as you're rolling to wherever you need to get going on this monday, june 24th. this is "today in the bay." 5:30 on the nose. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, marla and jon. good monday morning to you at home. a live picture of san jose, still ni


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